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High Resolution Technologies (HRT) i-dSp is a digital Sound processor that provides significantly improved headphone sound quality for Apple smartphones, tablets, and portable devices. The i-dSp is designed specifically to work with lightning connector-equipped Apple products including iPhone 5 and 6, iPod Touch and current iPad models. The i-dSp incorporates proprietary digital Sound processing and conversion along with a high-performance headphone amplifier, all within an extremely portable form factor.

The dSp is designed for those who use their lightning connector-equipped Apple iPhone 5 or 6, iPod Touch or current iPad as their primary listening and viewing platforms and who seek the best-possible headphone or in ear listening experience for music, video, and gaming by providing improved resolution, spatiality, dynamics, and heightened realism.

The HRT i-dSp is compatible with all audio formats supported by portable devices thanks to its UAC (USB Audio Class) interface. The i-dSp’s extremely low power consumption allows for extended playing time and with its plug-and-play connectivity, eliminates any complex setups. The i-dSp supports all audio formats including MP3, AAC, FLAC, PCM, and Apple lossless, along with all streaming audio and video formats, and is firmware-upgradeable to accommodate future updates.

Ideal for use with a wide range of headphones, the i-dSp draws from HRT’s pioneering R & D in the USB audio accessories category and decades of involvement in high-performance audio. The HRT i-dSp incorporates high-performance microelectronics and proprietary digital Sound processing software to deliver the very best listening experience possible from any in ears or headphones.
Sample rate                                             up to 96 kHz
Bit depth                                                 up to 24 bit
Full Scale output                                     1.75 Volts RMS
Output impedance                                    .5 Ohm
S/N Ratio (A-weighted)                             106 dB
Noise floor (A-weighed)                            8 uV RMS
Frequency Response (20 Hz / 20 kHz)   +0 dB / -.2 dB 

Power requirements                                 50 mA

Dimensions                                             2.1" x .80" x .30" (dSp)
                                                            3.4" x .81" x .50" (i-dSP)
Weight                                                  .2 ounces (dSp)
                                                            .4 ounces (i-dSp)